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coming up roses

continuing with the 'love for the city' series...

_ _ _

this winter has been pretty mild.

not like the one we had a few years ago


but i'm ready to see spring blossoms.
_ _ _

when the boy and i were still living in dupont, one of our favorite favorite things to do was go on photo walks. 

we'd wander somewhat aimlessly around the city. we'd talk, he'd patiently wait while i took pictures, we'd stop for a drink, a bite of food.

we even walked to nats park once. that took a while.

we don't do those walks as much anymore, but doing this series about dc has made me long to go on one again. 

we're going to try for tomorrow.
_ _ _

dc has such a pretty spring, don't you think?

all pics by me

_ _ _

i went to college in florida and grew up in the southeastern part of the country. when i first moved to this area after graduation, i always heard people say that spring was their favorite season.

i liked spring, yeah. 
but summer. that was my favorite.

then i lived through a few winters here (mild as they are!) and i finally understood what they were raving about.

_ _ _

summer still reigns supreme for me. i can't get enough heat. 

but this time of year?

you're pretty cool, too.


  1. ooo I love DC in the spring. these photos are so lovely!

  2. Lovely photos.. I looove spring, tho it is a bit nippy here in sweden, but the colors are just so beautiful x

  3. there's so much to love about spring here! flowers blooming, people outside walking and running and drinking and talking, nats games, birds chirping. divine!