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to do

all this week, the only thing i can think about is this. 

my stupid to-do lists. i feel like i can almost hear it laughing at me.

but i'm always resistant to complaining about wedding stress because, well, people get married every day. and by making the choice to *have* a wedding (instead of eloping like smart people), i think a certain level of stress sorta comes with the package.

so i really really enjoyed this excerpt from mindy kaling's book that i read on heart of light.

_ _ _

"a note about me: i do not think stress is a legitimate topic of conversation, in public anyway. no one wants to hear about how stressed out anyone else is, because most of the time everyone is stressed out. going on and on in detail about how stressed out i am isn't conversation. it'll never lead anywhere. no one is going to say "wow, mindy, you really have it especially bad. i have heard some stories of stress, but this just takes the cake."
_ _ _

for me, it's a good reminder that when i feel like the pressure's on, to take some deep breaths and power through. everyone's got their own shit going on. so try to stay afloat and do what you can.

oh yeah. wine helps too.

pics from the road

stuck in traffic on the way out of town on friday
95 south
pretty sunset | pic by my lovely sister catherine
stopping for gas
the yard at my parents' house
a charleston bridge
a little centerpiece practice sesh
95 north
back home. back on the porch.
lucy doesn't like to wake up

oh hey there.

this weekend was pretty awesome. got so much wedding stuff done with my mom. and i even got my little brother to help with some crafts. the highlight of his week, no doubt.

back to work today with lots to do.

hope your week is shaping up nicely!

outta here

our sweet ass rental car

well guys, i'm out.

driving down to south carolina with my sister to visit the fam for the weekend.

hope your weekend is awesome!

beyond the luau

my parents live in charleston these days. but for a few years after i graduated college, they lived in honolulu.

now, much like any other tourist-heavy city, the locals kinda laugh at/make fun of the total touristy things visitors tend to do (hello, dc visitors standing on the left!) and the number one omg-look-at-that-total-tourist thing in the 50th state is donning a hawaiian print shit.

but my dad could care less. and even though they lived there for almost five years, he'd still rock one all the time.

come ON dad, jeez.

_ _ _

so with that being said, i'm a little surprised i'm into this kinda kooky, borderline tacky tropical print thing.

but i gotta say that's one of my favorite things about fashion: when omg-that's-so-hideous gets elevated to omg-did-you-see-that's-so-rad status. i like being surprised like that. and i like that this goes beyond just floral.

especially when the shapes and pattern feel so modern like this:

via couldawouldapica on polyvore

oh man. i love it.

and because everyone deserves to try out trends, these pieces are all under $100.

mele kalikimaka or whatever.
_ _ _

see you guys out there.

i'll be the one who's twins with her pops.

no matter what

if you've lived in the district for longer than a millisecond, you'll know it's an understatement to say that we have some pretty bi-polar weather here. 

50 degrees one day and 80 the next? 



that's a standard dc spring. or fall. and sometimes winter.

luckily, there's a few easy tricks to looking your best. even if may and june throw us some climatic curveballs.

_ _ _

let's start with a rainy day, acknowledging the fact that, most likely, it's not just rain we're dealing with but also the stifling humidity.

here's how to fight it:

via couldawouldapica on polyvore

1. an umbrella. easy.

2. anti-frizz styling cream. any brand will do. just find one you like.

3. waterproof shoes. when the weather gets warmer, i tend to avoid my knee-high wellies and look for something shorter. less chance of your legs suffocating.

4. socks! wellies without socks makes feet very sad. and hot. and blistery.

5. a brush or comb. to fix yourself back up once you're out of the weather.

6. a light jacket. preferably one with a hood. if it's hot and rainy (a dc springtime special!), skip the extra layer here.

7. a lightweight scarf. to wear with the jacket if it's a cool morning.

8. waterproof mascara. just in case. humidity has a way of making some less tough mascaras evaporate.

9. hair ties. because sometimes rain likes to ruin hair.

_ _ _

now let's talk about how to stay fresh and cool on one of those crazy hot dc days.

via couldawouldapica on polyvore

1. a hat. to keep the sun off that pretty little face.

2. sunglasses.

3. hair ties. because i'm one of those people who just can't leave their hair down when it's 98.

4. lip balm with spf. because lips can burn too. ouch.

5. facial towelettes. not always required, but they provide a quick refresh if you really need it.

6. deodorant. of course. and i'm not ashamed to admit that i keep at stick at my desk. i'm a sweaty kind of girl and it gets hot here. and no one wants to smell at the office.

7. sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.

8. perfume roller. in a fresh and light scent like this grapefruit one. 

_ _ _

so go ahead and bring the crazy, weather gods.

we're ready for anything.
_ _ _

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spinach time

ooo wee!

been a while since the last seasonal eats post, but here we go!

so it's may. and around these parts, spinach is in season.

_ _ _

growing up, the only kind of spinach i ever really saw was the frozen kind. now there's nothing at all wrong with that. i use frozen spinach to make my ziti and lasagna. 

but since it's the time for spinach to shine, here's a few fun ways to use the fresh stuff.

_ _ _

for starters, there's this delicious-sounding hot spinach dip by martha.

via martha stewart

real simple has this spinach pesto recipe that i'm just dying to try.

are you trying to incorporate more veggies into your meals? what about spinach for breakfast? try this spinach and egg breakfast sandwich from simple daily recipes. or maybe you fancy a quiche?

for lunch, these sandwiches sound amazing. so do these ones made with chicken, mushrooms and cheese. 

here's a pic. 

via epicurious
or, you could go with the classic combo of spinach and strawberries in a salad.


this one has pecans and goat cheese.

_ _ _

enjoy the green stuff at its peak!

i know i'll be picking some up this week.

_ _ _

you can check out my other ways to eat with the seasons right here. take a peek!

first position

yet another documentary for me to love.

maybe it's up your alley too?

either way, i'm all ready to go see it. if you're local, it's showing here.

see you in line!

three days

dreamy flower in georgetown
leftover cupcakes from my bridal shower being stored on my awesome new stand
what pennsylvania ave looks like at 6 a.m.
finally tried this place
pretty herbs my mom grew for shower favors 
a much-needed bottle of wine

i'm late on my weekend pics this week.

womp womp

i don't want to get all annoyingly bridal on you guys, but i think my updates from this point forward may not be as frequent. i'll try my best but we'll see what happens.

either way, i hope your week is off to a fantastic start. i'm over this raincloud that's been sitting on our heads all week, but it's still may so i can't really complain.

here's to you being awesome!

midi gate

ok so the title of this post doesn't make sense.

but that pun was just begging to be used.

_ _ _

so let's talk longer hemlines.

my entire life, i've loved above-the-knee fashions. i honestly wouldn't even consider wearing something that hit me at mid-calf level. but i've found myself really taking a liking to these lengthy ladylike looks.

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

_ _ _

also! these are all less than $100. so go on. grab two of your faves.

especially now, with the coming of spring, there's nothing i'd rather wear.

and although i tend to prefer flats and sandals instead of heels and wedges, this is a look that really works with a little height.

have fun out there!

potw: cash card

 what do they want?


when do they want it?

 for graduation!

_ _ _

there's all sorts of gift guides for grads out there.

but what's one that's always perfect, always appreciated and always useful?


i don't care who the graduate is or what they're doing after school,  they'll need it.

and they'll love you for it

_ _ _

here are some cute money-giving options

by dingbat press
by a. favorite design

there's this guy too (for best results, give with money already in the clip)

via uncommon goods

or you can go with a less in-your-face option and just pop some dough inside

by anemone press

adorable, right?

_ _ _

and congrats to any soon-to-be graduates out there.

you did it!

this weekend brought to you by

ocean city, maryland!
crazy fog at seven a.m.

morning beach walk
foggy fishing
lucy on the sand
low visibility
on the move

pretend beach house #1
pretend beach house #2
the bay
eerie bay bridge
on the road
in the mailbox | responses!
new breakfast favorite (wholegrain wasa, chunky pb, banana, honey; thinking about adding some mini chocolate chips or coconut)

_ _ _

this weekend, the boy and i went to the beach with his brother's family. oh man we had a great time. that fog? didn't even matter.

it was just nice to get out of town for a few days and chill out.

_ _ _

hope your weekend was nice, too.

let's do this, monday.

love for the city: sunrise

continuing with the 'love for the city' series

_ _ _

i've never really been a morning person.

i've gotten more used to it over the years, but i've always considered myself more of the night owl variety.

_ _ _

a few years ago, as a gift, my grandmother signed me up for this photography workshop hosted by national geographic right on 17th. i learned so much more about photography, and from a purely journalistic standpoint, getting an inside look at this total machine of a periodical was awesome. we got to visit their art department, and yours truly was geeking out to the max.

it was a three-day class and on the last day, we were to meet at the lincoln memorial between 5:30 and 6:00.

uhhhhh hold up.

BE THERE AT 5:30?!

but when i arrived?

worth it. times a million.

check this out:

wowza, right? 

that'll take your breath away!

here's some more sunrise action for you.

all pics by me

i took these shots as the sun was rising and then stuck around afterward to take some pictures of the early morning crowd--runners, power walkers, engagement shoot couples, dog walkers, park police.

i wish i'd taken more of the sun as it began to rise, but it was so peaceful and calming just sitting there, watching the sun come up, cup of coffee and camera at the ready.

the lincoln memorial at sunrise is a must-see event.

even if you only do it once, there's something pretty special about being there as this fantastic city of ours slowly comes to life.

you could even hit up the secret steps afterward.

either way, your morning will be pretty awesome.

rise and shine!