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gotta be fresh

if you're someone who buys a lot of fresh produce, one of the worst things is when something goes bad before you get a chance to eat it. 

i love a good mushroom, but they go bad so quickly. so i did a little research and found a few different methods that promise to increase the shelf life of fungi, and this is by far the best.

throwing them in a brown paper bag and then putting that bag in the fridge keeps them fresh and ready to go. these mushrooms pictured below are more than a week old, and they look just as good as the day i brought them home from the store. 

so here's to tripling your shelf life and fully enjoying your creminis and shiitakes!

_ _ _

brand new

little jake turns three months old in a few days. 

the first night we brought him home from the hospital was...hectic. i'm not gonna lie. we weren't prepared for life with a newborn, i was still really sore from my c section and my husband had slept on a shitty hospital "bed" for the past three nights. not a recipe for success. 

the nurses at the hospital were violently anti-pacifier ("not until breastfeeding is established!" *eyeroll*) and so we went without it that first night. by day two at home, we popped it in his mouth and felt stupid for not giving it to him in the first place. 

we both slept on the couch for about four days since i wasn't supposed to go up and down the stairs right after the surgery. that first week feels so long ago now. but i took a few pictures to document that time we were a brand new family in late october.

i'm coming to the end of my maternity leave. i'm so grateful my employer offered this time off to me; i'll never forget this time i got to spend with my happy little boy.