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when life gives you a sample sale...


you buy the shit outta that shit before some b gets the last one in your size.


take me back

eating taco rice makes me feel sixteen again.

never had it?

it's ridiculously easy to make for those nights when you want to rip your eyes out when the "what's for dinner" question comes up.

this is my go-to for tacos | next time, i'm trying this

cheap, easy, microwavable | but maybe one day

this is bibb | but use whatever you have

some people don't use sour cream on theirs | those people are insane

what you see here is pretty much it. 

cook the meat of your choice.
season it.
chop up the veggies.
serve over rice.

tonight, we feast! | all pics by me

this was THE MEAL when i was a teenager living abroad.

it's still sooo satisfying. 

the boy has become a fan. try it out sometime when you're in a pinch. 


no beach | pic by me | boo irene


if there's burgers and fries on your menu, you can bet i'm probably gonna order it. 

if your version is exceptional, you can bet i'll be trying to eat there weekly.

my nj-based sister was in town this weekend. i'd read some good things about standard so we decided to check it out.

pic by me

there were four in our party. we all got the burger. 

pic by me

i consider myself to be somewhat of a burger professional. i know what i like. and this burger just ruled.

a bun that holds its shape
a fresh, ripe tomato
a crisp dill pickle
expertly melted sharp cheddar

you guys, it was pretty perfect. our waitress told us that the burgers come with 'special sauce' and onions too, but i drown my burgers in enough ketchup that i didn't even notice the sauce. or the onions, which i later found out were just diced up superfine

but it's not just the burger.

pic by me

the sides here also kinda blew me away. i'm pretty sure they switch up the sides on a regular basis (i love when a menu's not always the same thing!), but i highly recommend all three of these guys in the pic above.

the onion rings had a thick, crispy, well-seasoned outside. and when you bite it, the onion breaks cleanly. 

so. crucial.

and let's talk about that corn, too. i've had it at nats park, but they tried to kill me with too much cayenne. and i love heat.

standard's version was insane. so so fresh and yummy. 

pic by me

the fries were served fresh out the fryer and seasoned perfectly. i happen to prefer shoestring fries, but these guys made me second guess that preference. they really were awesome.

this is probably going to become the new spot for me and the boy. it's right on 14th, they have a great beer selection, and it's the perfect place to eat outside and people/puppy watch. 


pic by me 

full review + more pics soon

columbus, ohio

via tv guide

what's with the accent, dude?

claws out


headed to oc next weekend for one last summer hurrah.

can't wait

then + now

do you know about dear photograph?

there are similar things in this vein out there. but 'dear photograph' was new to me.

via dear photograph

via dear photograph

on the site, text accompanies the pictures that are sent in by readers. i could scroll through these archives for hours. 

well, many, many minutes at least.


pretty details on one of my favorite office looks | 
from fresh of georgetown (which appears to be closed for renovations?)

three meals

breakfast | get outta here caraway seeds

lunch | chipotle burrito bowl

if i can go on a teeny tiny tangent here, i have to really commend chipotle for setting the standard in their industry.

"food with integrity" they call it.

an excerpt from their site:
"...our commitment to finding the very best ingredients, raised with respect for the animals, the environment, and the farmers."

there's even more here
_ _ _

i hope that a generation from now, this is how all 'convenience food' purveyors will operate. and besides being admirable and ahead of nearly all of their competitors, it's simply the right thing to do. 

the problem is that so few people know/care. but those who do care, continue to make more and more noise. i have to believe they'll be heard some day. 


via | original post via flickr user amy rice

like mad

original image by linda mccartney


via we heart it

i have so many dreams.

dreams that never involve a nine-to-five, k-cup machines, or banal weather discussions with coworkers.


the problem i have is that my dreams are many and varied. one day, i'm thinking i want to pursue photography with a rabid passion. the next? it's time to open an event design company. the week after? why haven't i opened my own letterpress studio? or at least scoured craigslist for the last remaining letterpress machine on earth.

truth is, i don't know where i'll end up. but i'm excited for the journey.

won't you join me?


tilt shift.

very cool video.

via petapixel via flavorwire 

and apparently, the work of WGN, although i can't find the original source for the life of me.


via my brain | tunes here

some annoying stuff happened that has caused the boy and i to back, back, back our wedding date up.

last bite

thursday night: "guys guys guys, we gotta save at least two slices so i can post about it."

friday: "yeah have another piece, but just try to leave a piece big enough for two slices."

later friday: "i mean a single-slice shot won't look so bad."

saturday through sunday:  nom nom nom

sunday night: "ok fine. maybe this last bite will just drive home my point about how good this cake is?"

texas sheet cake.

have you had it?

my mother would make this all the time when i was a kid. i haven't had it in years, but decided to get the recipe from mom for a beloved-yet-extremely-picky sibling of mine.

_ _ _

here's my version of the recipe

2 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 sticks butter
4 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 cup water
2 eggs

1. combine flour, sugar, salt, baking soda in large bowl. sift if you like. set aside.

2. melt butter in large saucepan. add cocoa and water, bring to boil.

3. pour boiling mixture over dry ingredients; mix until blended.

4. add vanilla and eggs. mix some more. mix it good.

4. pour batter into greased jelly roll pan and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

now let's talk icing.

1 stick butter
6 tbsp buttermilk
4 tbsp cocoa powder (don't be shy! heap it if you have to!)
1 box powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla

1. melt the butter on low heat.

2. add buttermilk until it's thoroughly mixed in with the butter.

3. add the cocoa + powdered sugar. keep stirring until everything's melted.

4. right before turning off the heat, add the vanilla.

spread immediately over warm cake.
dust with powdered sugar, if desired.

trust me, you DO desire.

_ _ _ 

both the cake + icing call for buttermilk. nasty old buttermilk. but it gives the cake such a fantastic tang. i just love it.

the pioneer woman has a step-by-step with pictures. her process is a little different, but i imagine the end result is the same.

it really is an awesome cake. so glad i made it. maybe next time, i'll leave enough for a pretty pretty picture.



via the side of a file cabinet @work

i feel ya!

three cheers for the weekend

best friend

pic by me

it's been a long wait, but it'll all be worth it soon.

the boy and i applied for this adorable little lady through the french bulldog rescue network

and today, we found out our application has been accepted! 

she is mine!

[extra points for recognizing the moulin rouge ref]


via tulips and flight suits

i'm thinking i'll get to the beach one -- maybe two -- more times this season.

this porch looks so relaxing, it's ridiculous.

happy friday


trust me, no one is more surprised that i'm digging this native american/tribal chic trend than i am.

by couldawouldapica via polyvore
but i bought the navy dress last week (love the shoulder cut outs!) and now i can't stop.

many happy returns

my friend, my confidant, my sister, my partner in crime

today is your day. 

via weheartit

and although we're not over-the-top birthday celebration people, i want you to know the world is yours. truly.

most of us hope to have brains, beauty, or wit: you have all three in spades.

thank you for understanding me the way so few do. 

i love you. 

happy 22.


company summer picnic | too hot for words

walking home from the georgia ave thrift store |  celebratory post to come
sunday afternoon girl time | sangria, sangria