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slip and slide

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i've been seeing these in the stores for a long time now. never pulled the trigger on them last year because i was worried they'd be uncomfortable. 

but based on glowing reviews i've read, it looks like i was wrong. 

these would be cute with just about every spring outfit imaginable: casual dresses, shorts, jeans. also good for those days when it's not *quite* sandal weather. 

i'm taking a day off work to go to a nats game during opening week and i have my eye on those navy ones.

i love snacks

do you keep snacks at work? 

i always have. if i have things at my desk, it prevents me from going out to eat as much and let's be honest, it just helps to have something to munch on sometimes.

my office is right in between a safeway and a whole foods. i've been to the chip aisle. i've purchased some dogs and some winners over the years. if you find yourself craving something salty at 3 pm, here's my picks for not-so-bad-for-you snacks.

starting from the top, the quinoa chips are great and light and come in a few different flavors. cheddar is the best.

i was skeptical about the beanitos, but they are so freaking addictive. i swear you could blindfold someone and they'd think it was a dorito.

there's a lot of black bean chips out there, but these black bean tortillas have just the right amount of crunch and salt to make them stand out.

the chia crisps are an at-work staple for me. they come in a few flavors, but i think the jalapeno white cheddar is my favorite. it's spicy!

the skinny sticks are my most recent discovery and i'm sad we only just met. these are so so good. it's like a sunchip, tortilla chip and grown-up funyun all in one. addicting. 

_ _ _

any snacks i should know about?