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eyelet is made for spring. breezy, airy and a little flirty--i love it.

it's so versatile, you can make it work for the office, date night, cocktails, errand running.

here's some of my favorite ways to wear it.

pencil skirt | sweatshirt | striped top | dress | shoes | cream blouse | clutch | peplum top | scarf | dress

also, that item in the lower right corner might work better as a tank/tunic even though madewell is cute and calls it a dress. lolz.  

potw: mom rules

the mother's day roundup of cards is always one of my favorites every year. there's always so many i want to include. it makes it hard to pick which ones to showcase here.

but i've narrowed it down to eight faves.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

i also included one for a mother to be. that was me this time last year, just about four months pregnant on mother's day and a card like that woulda melted my (at the time) overly sappy heart into a little puddle (FUN WITH HORMONES!) 

the nursery

jake's room came together bit by bit and it's finally at a place where i can say it's close to being finished.

we got most of the stuff i wrote about in this post, and a few other things along the way (mobile,blackout curtains,white noise machine).

my plan for this room was to make it bright and cheery, using pieces that we'd keep around the house after he's grown up. and even though we never chose a theme for his room, there's a lot of animals throughout the space. so...theme?

take a look.

the crib pictured here is a mini. the way the windows are placed, we just couldn't  fit a full-sized one without it covering up a good portion of the windows. the rocking chair is from pottery barn kids and the sheets are from here.

my mom also saved a few things from my old nursery so it was cool to be able to incorporate those things (i.e., old and now slightly creepy looking stuffed pooh bear, diaper holder, and a few handmade blankets) into this space.


drinking milk from a plastic cup is gross to me. see also: eating cereal out of a plastic bowl. i don't know why this grosses me out so much, but it does. 

when it comes to water, i don't mind drinking out of plastic containers as much, but now that i bring a reusable bottle to work every day, i've been wanting to make the switch. there's something a bit more refreshing about drinking water from glass.

here are six with a modern feel, even though the more i look at #5, the more it looks like sperm. pretty sure that's not what target was going for there.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

i also appreciate that none of these have straws. reusable straws never seem to get quite clean enough.