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bundle up

well, if winter has to come again this year, at least we can be chic about it.

here's ten fun coats i like this season. 

under $100: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
under $225: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

how great is that navy blue coat from h&m (#4, under $100)? the pleating and the belt make it so awesome.

in winter's past, i've gone with a cobalt coat and loved it. think i might do the same this year. the little puffed sleeves on that banana republic number (#4, under $225) are calling me.

potw: equinox

fall's officially here. i've mentioned a few times on here that fall is not my favorite season. i love summer and always have. but there's something nice about feeling a slight chill in the air when you step outside in the morning. it's the same sensation you get some time in march or april when you finally start to feel that maybe warmer weather and blue skies are actually on their way.

since sunday was the first fall day, i thought some autumn-themed letterpress goods would be a good fit for this week's potw.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

here's to cooler temps, changing leaves and finally being able to wear that jacket i bought.

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friday finds x

i don't usually make the friday finds posts themed. i just kept finding a lot of black, white and gold stuff that i liked and that fit the under-fifty bill.

we make pizza at home a few times a month, and having a pizza peel has been a game changer since we use a stone. the crust has never been better. 

here's a few other items i liked this week.

shoes | pizza peel | clutch | dress | cuff | cups

if i wasn't almost 9 months pregnant, that dress would be mine. i love the abstract pattern.

_ _ _

here's to another beautiful september weekend in dc. 70s and no humidity. ahhhh.

happy friday!

oh so quiet

on weekends, if you happen to be out and about before 10 am, it's really peaceful.

there's something that happens after that 10 o'clock hour that changes everything. i'm usually awake quite a bit before 10, but i'm not always out the door at that time. every time i find myself driving or walking around at 8 or 9, it's like a whole different world.

i took thees pictures on h street, around eastern market, and in front of union station--places that get crazy busy once the city wakes up. 

so if you're an early bird or just happen to have some place to be on the weekend, enjoy the brief stillness. cause that brunch crowd is comin.

_ _ _

see past district detail posts here.

district flea

a few pictures from the district flea's debut on saturday.

the weather was absolutely perfect.

did you check it out? 

it's here until october 19.

the food was pretty awesome too.

bad luck

i seem to have bad luck with beauty products. every once in a while, i find something that i love, something that just really works for me and i keep buying it.

in the image above are my favorite eyebrow pencil, leave-in conditioner and mascara. i've written about the mascara before. that's been hard to find for about five years now. for a while, after they stopped selling it in stores, i was buying it on ebay. thankfully now, it's back on amazon at its normal price. it used to be on there for about forty bucks. crazy.

then, my leave-in conditioner became impossible to find in stores. no cvs, target or even wal-mart had it. and i still never see it there. it's online but again--was i the only person buying it? why did this one product out of their line get removed from the shelves?

my latest bad luck is with my eyebrow pencil. i loved maybelline's light to dark blonde shade. all of a sudden, i couldn't find it. this crazy lady must have went to 12 cvs stores to try to find it. they still make every other color but seemed to have stopped producing this one altogether. it's on amazon at double the price and on ebay too. four for $43.99 suckers!

i wouldn't care if they stopped making my eyeshadow or some other product i'm not really attached to, but these were my go-to buys. 

bleh. oh well. i'll continue to stock up online while they'll still let me.

getting ready

i have a little more than five weeks left before the baby's supposed to be here.

we don't have everything together for the nursery, but we have (what i think are?) the essentials. i've been trying to stick with a "less is more" mentality when it comes to baby stuff, especially in the beginning. we have a crib (1), a rocking chair (3) and a piece of furniture we're going to use as a changing table (5) because i didn't see the point of buying an actual changing table that we won't use once he's bigger. i've bought some art for the room, but this is an area where i didn't go too crazy because what infant cares about wall decor? none infants, that's who.

we'll finish the room bit by bit.

i'm not a total blackhearted freak--there are a few just-for-fun items in here (that stuffed bear, the wooden rhino)--but for now, the practical me is winning the nursery battle.

here's what we have at the moment.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4a 4b 4c | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

this doesn't include things like diapers, clothes, wipes, etc., but this is the route i've been going with the decorations. no theme really, just some stuff that i like.

the one thing that's giving me trouble is finding a rug to cover the hardwood. there's a much larger selection online, but rugs are something i like to feel before purchasing. overstock has a great selection, but i can't get all handsy there. and target's in-store selection sorta sucks. 

all complaints aside though, i can't wait to meet this little guy. pregnancy has progressed at a snail's pace and i just want to see him already.


breakfast sandwich action from here
lucy giving some serious side eye
proud kitchen moment for me

so on sunday morning, i was on h street by 9 am, ready to sink my teeth into one of frenchie's croissants. turns out, the market is open on saturday mornings, not sunday. we ended up getting some pretty tasty breakfast sandwiches instead, but so much for another year wiser.


speaking of dough (see what i did there?), i got a pasta roller for my birthday and to my surprise, successfully pulled off some fresh fettuccine on sunday night. i was surprised mostly because doughs of any kind -- especially when kneading is involved -- tend to scare the shit out of me. i don't know what it is but making my own rolls, breads, etc. has always been something i've avoided. it just seems so daunting i guess. 

but this was a happy success for me and i'll definitely be making them again. i tried to make lasagna noodles before i had my handy pasta roller and trying to get the dough thin enough with a rolling pan and elbow grease. just.. no. 

hope your week is off to a fun start.

potw: mark it down

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

in a few months, there will probably be more of a selection, but some early bird printers have already started offering their 2014 calendars.

there's lots to choose from: desk, wall, oversized. 

i buy one every year for my office at work to pretty up the space. the walls are a really sad shade of seafoam that look even more pathetic under the fluorescent lights. 

fun fact: i couldn't ever spell fluorescent correctly (without fixing it in spell check) until i worked at a cancer nonprofit for six years. one of the most commonly seen drugs was one called "fluorouracil" and now that "f-l-u" construction is now drilled into my brain.

happy monday!

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sunny september

roasting in the florida heat
lucy does this every day waiting for bob to get home

  we're done with traveling this year, and i'm pretty happy to be out of the airport scene for a while. the boarding/de-boarding process is one of my least favorite on earth. why does it take SO LONG?

anyways, we had a nice trip and today's my birthday!

woo hoo!

my husband and i are going here for sort of a joint celebration since our birthdays are only six days apart. can't wait to see how it is. i hear they have some sort of cotton candy dessert?
_ _ _

the cool mornings have been nice. it's still getting into the mid-80s during the day, too, so i like this weather. the best of both worlds, in a way.

here's to a great month of football and blue skies.