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good graces dress  |  modcloth

success story dress  |  modcloth

well it had to end.
enough is enough.
it's spring.
i want to shop.

i'll be anxiously awaiting these dresses.

hurry it up, UPS.

ric rac

normally, not really my thing.
it can get a bit too...crafty(?)for my taste

images via ooh! vintage
enter lily.

image via lily pulitzer

get you some.

[ digging the color combo, too ]


i get wrapped up in elaborate daydreams about owning a letterpress studio approximately  354,545 times an hour.

that's a rough estimate.

image via simplesong

but there are some luckyass people out there already doing it.

suann song of simplesong design is one.

(note: simplesong design is part of the hive at 1511)

by chance, i came across a post about how she got her start. as someone who loves procrastination so much, i dedicated a blog to that glamourous lifestyle, i found her post especially inspiring.

excerpt time!

"honestly, it's not for everyone.
to do it day in and day out ... you have to love it.
but if you get it right, it can be extremely rewarding."


read the entire post here.

now go. grab that dream.



these little words, i get.


i can feel smugly superior like i'm doing the right thing by making smart food choices, but something i'm embarrassingly uneducated about is when fresh produce is actually *in season*

it's time to change that, beginning with what's left of april.

i'd like to call broccoli and asparagus to the stage.


now for an insanely easy recipe.

i make this as a side all the time.
so tasty.
_ _ _ _ _

want even more?

although neither list includes dc, (wth!)
offer (somewhat) reliable info

can't wait to see what next month brings.


image via remodelista

bringing inside 
materials once strictly
relegated to the outdoors intrigues me

i'm especially interested in the use of
corrugated metal in bathroom design.

this one here is by deforest architects

[it would be criminal to not show love for that sink.
such. a. sucker. for the unfinished details]

unexpected + easy on the wallet

one minute

via stealing from thieves


throughout april, anthropologie will be hosting
craft workshops across the country.

image via anthropologie

topics include 'crafing with cork'
a potting workshop geared for the kiddies.

_ _ _

the company will also donate 10 cents
to charity* when customers opt to go bag-free

sadly, there's nothing in dc [boo],
but there are plenty of other
places to check it out.

*donations will be divided between

movie night

pretty pumped for this flim
about beloved new york times
photog bill cunningham

 image via zeitgeist films

from zeitgeist films:
the “bill” in question is 80+ new york times photographer bill cunningham. for decades, this schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirĂ©es for the times style section in his columns “on the street” and “evening hours.”

if that doesn't convince, mayhaps queen anna herself can:

'we all get dressed for bill'
-anna wintour, editor, vogue

ok ok ok... where is it playing?

below the heavens

via my brain | tunes here

honestly though,
this whole album rules
it gets me all nostalgic
for when me and the boy
first got together

hard to find online
[otherwise i'd link!]
but worth it if you can

office brights

i may still be on a
self-imposed shopping hiatus

but it's still fun to look

[ esp @ things i can't come close to affording ]

office brights
via polyvore by couldawouldapica

after months and months
of dreary grey weather
(and seemlingly endless combos of grey + black),
it's high time to inject
serious color into officewear.

stairway to

all images by nelson garrido for a+r arquitectos via dezeen

discounting the fact that
i used to be so scared of heights
i'd scoot down the bleachers without standing,
this floating staircase is oh-so-cool

eeee! got love for the fireplace

dee eye why

diy flowchart created by heart of light

i've decided to make
most of the decorations
for el wedding myself

...and make the desserts

and bridesmaids gifts

and the backdrop for the ceremony

and the invites/save the dates




sometimes tho, you need a bit
of a reality check to keep you sane

i want you

nikon 50 mm f/1.8D AF nikkor lens

been looking to add to my lens collection

think i found a winner

show me the way

so into
personalized maps for wedding guests

by dependable letterpress via oh so beautiful paper
by &kathleen designs via oh so beautiful paper

by the indigo bunting via 100 layer cake

by sugar plum invitations via kelly oshiro events

by stephanie pryor via oh so beautiful paper

by bella figura

by bella figura

by indigo bunting via 100 layer cake

SUCH a nice way of making
your guests feel at ease
when they've traveled
to attend your wedding


really cool idea for showcasing local spots
that mean something to the happy couple


made from vintage + repurposed materials,
these pretty little lace necklaces
are the careful work of whiteowl on etsy

[images via whiteowl etsy shop page] 

from etsy:

"we are two sisters who love vintage and appreciate handmade things. we have collaborated on everything from films to photographs to art and jewelry. many of our materials are rescued from estate sales, flea markets and even our own grandmother!"

love mixing the old with the new.

[even more]
that i've never seen anything quite like this.

check the shop for other inspiring finds.

yellow + canvas

shady side magazine tote by kate spade

loving this bright yellow canvas tote 

_ _ _

big enough to hold all your stuff

bright enough to stand out in the crowd

^ peep the chic-ness ^