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bare necessities

moving up here after college, i found myself a little overwhelmed with outerwear options.

what do you really need in a four-season climate? and what's just for fun?

as a young professional, i found this a little tricky to figure out. especially with a limited budget.

here in dc, we've been having this oddly warm late winter/early spring. and who knows what the rest of march will bring. 

i've been in the professional workforce since 2004. and during that time, i think i've developed a pretty good idea of the basics. the essential pieces to keep you warm, dry, and chic all year.

let's dive in: 

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

for me, this covers the basics: three lightweight jackets for spring and fall (including one that's waterproof and has a hood), two coats for winter (one that's waterproof and extra warm), and two basic-but-not-boring blazers for work.

now if you live somewhere warmer, you probably won't need or want the puffer, but you get the idea.

i was also toying with the idea of adding a faux leather jacket and a car coat/topper. but to me, those are more for fun and not as essential. 

_ _ _

i'm planning to a 'very necessary' post somewhat regularly on here. 

next time? 

we'll talk office wear essentials.

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