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sunday sunset

i don't know why.

maybe it's just me.

but i find myself getting anxious on sunday nights.

it started when i was a kid.

and even though, generally, i liked school, there was always this overwhelming sense of dread/panic that came over me on sunday nights.

my parents weren't big on tv.*

but on sundays?

on sundays, we'd all gather around to watch bob saget host america's funniest home videos.**

it should have been a treat, watching tv. 
but all i could do was panic about SUNDAY.

_ _ _

fast forward two decades and i still get that feeling.
even if something awesome might be happening on monday.

_ _ _

these pictures were taken last sunday.

it was warm out.

the boy and i were driving around together.

my brain told me that it was time to get anxious.

but the beauty of the setting sun

and me, holding hands with the boy i love

while listening to the radio

made me remember that it's ok.

you're not so scary, sunday.

_ _ _

*and now i watch it allthetime.

**i was always secretly hoping he'd trip over that fake living room set

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