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quick + easy

you know ceiling fan medallions, right?

these guys right here?

yeah, you've seen them.

i bought one at home depot a few weeks ago (seen here) and decided it could make a pretty cool wall decoration.

this is the one i bought, although mine was on sale for 19.99. 


anyways, since these medallions are designed to hang from the ceiling, i needed to do a quick little add-on to make it wall friendly. 

check it out:

just add one of these little sawtooth hangers to the back using two nails to secure it in place.

make sure it's level or it won't hang right.

here's a wider shot:

since mine (and most i've seen) came in white, i decided to spray paint it with a little neon yellow.

but you could do any color! or even leave it sparkling white if you like. 

here's how it looks with a coat of paint:

we had this weird little wall space above our full-length mirror in the bedroom that needed some love.

i think this guy fits it perfectly. and also adds some nice texture.

i also like this look because it reminds me of the arcitectural details on so many of the dc rowhouses (ours included!)

see? that white medallion at the top? | pic from closing day

hope you guys enjoy this easy little DIY project!

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