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hey you.

yes, you. 

the person about to re-heat your leftover pizza in the microwave.


i have something for you.

i learned this trick years ago (thanks to an episode of queer eye*; hey ted!) and it's been the best thing to ever happen to my pizza leftovers.

here's what to do:

1. heat up a nonstick pan over medium/medium high heat.

2. while that's heating, grab your pizza. and pop it in the microwave for about a minute on 30% power. just to get the chill off.

3. remove it from the microwave and place it directly into a dry pan. you can add olive oil here if you want, but i don't. (see below)

4. let it just kinda sit there, dough-side down for about 20-30 seconds. you may need to go longer or shorter, depending on your stove. but your nose should alert you if it's burning.

5. flip it over to the cheese/toppings side for about 10 seconds to make sure it's heated through (this is why we use non-stick here, so the cheese doesn't stick) 

6. let it sit dough-side down for another 10-15 seconds. you just wanna make sure there's no cold pockets and that the crust has had a chance to crisp up. you also want that cheese melted. 

just like this:

leftover district of pi 

_ _ _


our pizza from friday night made a great saturday lunch. and it was pretty dang close to the original.

hello gooey cheese. get in my belly.

_ _ _

*wiki says that's what it's called. but that name isn't sitting very well with me. eek. i remember watching it, but idk anymore.

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