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fall in dc

lunch at arcuri | delish btw
k street, friday evening
sunday afternoon walk
lucy loves it
on the way home from target

it's hard to believe there's only a few days left in october. 

we get a ton of trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood and since this will be the third halloween in this house, we stocked up on candy last weekend since we've run out of it in the past. 

can't have our house getting toilet papered.
_ _ _

this mild weather we've been having has been pretty great, but i hear that tomorrow will bring some cooler temps. 

i'm ready for it though. i even have my winter coat ready to go (the cobalt one), just in case.

here's to a good week! 

potw: haunted

i can pretty much take or leave halloween. 

it's never been my thing. well, besides the candy part. 

but i know a lot of people who really love it. and if you're one of those people, maybe you'd like one of these halloween cards. in letterpress format of course.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

and if there's anything that could turn me into being a halloween lover, it's gotta be a frenchie with batwings. 

_ _ _

looking for more letterpress goods? check out my press of the week series here. a new potw is posted (almost) every monday. but you can always find the latest by following me on twitter.

friday finds xi

i'm so glad it's friday.

the weather's gorgeous, the sun is out and i'm just feeling happy today.

if you want to pick up a little something this weekend, here's some wallet-friendly ways to do it.

water bottles | print | cards | top | necklace | shower curtain

that print would be adorable in the kitchen. and how comfy does that shirt look?

my shower curtain is getting a little old. this striped one is looking like the perfect replacement.

have a wonderful weekend!

going rogue

i'm a recipe follower. 

i like to know that i'm making something exactly right. usually when i decide i want to try a new dish, i google or search pinterest to find a recipe that works for me. but last weekend, i went out on a limb and i winged it with this soup.

i had some stuff in the fridge i wanted to use before it expired and a butternut squash we hadn't cooked yet. i've watched enough food network over the years to know that soup isn't all that difficult to make. it also helped that butternut squash is in season. we got ours from the columbia heights market and it was such a pretty shade of orange.

i didn't make my own stock or anything like that, but this turned out to be delicious. so i wanted to share. in recipe format. just in case there's any faithful recipe followers out there like me.

p.s. if you wanna know how to peel and break down a squash, i did a step-by-step post with photos on that last year.

we ate this with some gruyere grilled cheese sandwiches and it felt like fall exploded.

_ _ _

if you're looking for other seasonal dishes, check out the archives here.


took some teamwork with my husband to make these. worth it!
admiring these yellow flowers in dupont
on the way to room 11 for coffee
lucy enjoying couch time

the baby will be here any day now. i went from feeling like he was never gonna get here to "holy shit. am i really ten days from my due date?"

i'm not gonna lie. i'm totally ready for maternity leave to start. i've been doing a lot of planning and preparation at my job these past few months so i can fully relax while i'm out (hence the lack of posts around here lately).

but now it's almost here. this friday is my last in-office day and then i'm going to work from home until he comes. 

_ _ _

anyways, we had a nice weekend and i hope you did too. personally, i'm just glad i didn't need an umbrella again today.

five for fall

these rainy days we've been having are making me want to just crawl back into bed and take a nap.

but there are definitely some reasons to get out of the house in the fall. i make one of these lists every season (here's winter, spring and summer), so here's my list for right now. 

photo credits: one | two | three | four | five

1. segway tour. i've done this four times now. i totally snobbed out the first time my out-of-town friend suggested we do this (i live here. why would i do that?), but i ate my words quickly after this was one of the most fun things i've done here. the segways are a blast to ride around on,  and since that first time, i've done it with a few other couples. it's seriously awesome. even if you're local.

2. rose's luxury. this recently opened place on barracks row looks interesting. it's built in a rowhouse, serves family-style meals and small plates and from the looks of it, seems super charming. 

3. dc reynolds. this place isn't new, but it's really close to where we live, they have killer bogo drink specials SIX DAYS A WEEK, a roofdeck and some awesome-sounding food. plus, i hear it's a caps bar.

4. petworth citizen. this is also really close to our house, and i'm excited to check this place out. the copper bar and somewhat more reasonably priced cocktails don't hurt either.

5. parts & labor. this place hasn't opened yet, but i can't wait to eat some delicious charcuterie from the guys behind red apron butchery. it'll be in penn quarter.

just drop it

chandelier/drop earrings are everywhere right now. i see it as a natural progression from these cluster earrings and larger-than-average studs

oscar de la renta and dannijo both have some pretty major ear wear in this style right now. but since most people can't afford those price points, i found a bunch of equally dazzling pairs you can grab.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

the thing i like about this new breed of dangly earrings is that they have a post backing. they're not the kind that hook through your ear and weigh down your earlobe.

my third grade teacher used to wear these enormously long and heavy earrings and i remember always looking at her earlobe and how long and stretched out it looked. shudder.

these would be great to pair with a little black dress for the upcoming holiday party season. they'd be fun for new year's eve or could be paired nicely with a black turtleneck for the office.

dinner time

even though i have grocery shopping down to a science, planning meals for the week still feels like a task. i hate sitting there, trying to remember what our go-to meals are and hoping to use up any odds and ends left in the fridge. i hate throwing out food.

to help jog my memory, i bought an spiral-bound index card packet from cvs and started writing down meals we make at home frequently. it has 100 cards and i only came up with about 40 meals, so there's room to keep adding to it as new recipes become regulars.

on the flip side of each card, i wrote the ingredients. that way, we can easily check our pantry/fridge situation to see whether we already have stuff and don't go buying duplicates at the store. i didn't include things like salt, pepper and parmesan since i almost always have those things on hand.

so here's what mine looks like. 

i can easily flip through this when we're about to make a grocery store run and get meal ideas for the week. i find that it helps me avoid getting stuck in a rut and making the same meals all the time.

oh and if you want that carbonara recipe, here it is. so fast and so easy. healthy? not so much.

sale time

shopbop added a bunch of things to their sale today.

if you can ignore the hundred pairs of underwear on there, you can find some pretty good deals on pieces that you can wear right through fall. everything here is less than $50.

jacket | cotton dress | bracelet | sunglasses | long-sleeved tee | faux leather dress | wallet

the faux leather cutout dress is probably the most expensive-looking of the bunch. i also love a striped long sleeved tee for the fall.

get it while it's still in stock. seems to be going pretty quickly.