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potw: tonal

via design inspiration and graphic exchange

so i'm big on pops of color. but today i wanted to showcase this work by an(&)and design that uses a tonal palette and still makes a big design impact.

the impressions on this one are particularly deep+beautiful.

lovely work.

[three cheers for the edge painting, too]


via my new fave this is colossal

bringing brooches back

 this little brooch is so cute. it was my grandmother's so it's extra special for me. i haven't had the occasion to wear it, but i think it gives my jacket just the boost it needed today.

brooches are fun + not really played out if you ask me

here are some others in a few different styles

via couldawouldapica on polyvore

pin yourself!

the vegan stoner

img via the vegan stoner

found this website via trusty pinterest this morning, and i can't stop scrolling through the archives.

what a kickass name for a blog

but besides the name, the adorable illustrations, beautiful photography, and easy-to-follow vegan recipes are worth a look

[major points for originality, guys]

the site is run by sarah conrique + graham i. haynes, the talented design duo also tearing it up at their studio, simple gestures.

i love how they take something as potentially intimidating as vegan cooking and break it down into simple steps -- all the while keeping it fun.

the recipes look delicious

can't wait to try some out 

green mountain state

i can think of few places more lovely in the fall than vermont.

i mean, really. look at the colors.

my sister + her now-husband have been coming to the west mountain inn for years now as a weekend getaway spot, so it seems fitting that they'd get married here. 

i'd only been to vermont one other time - and that was in july. to see the leaves like this was awesome.

the reception was held in this adorable little barn on the property.

it was a fun night. 

family i haven't seen in forever
bridal party whiskey shots
late-night dance party

congrats you two!
_ _ _

also here's a quick shot of the wedding program i did for them. i'd show more but i'm honestly not sure how they feel about first+last names on the ol' internetz.

for a rush job, i was pretty happy with how they turned out.

_ _ _

fancy feet

never in a million hundred years did i think these BHLDN beauties would appeal to me as wedding-day footwear

but boy oh boy do they ever

one more look

images via BHLDN



this popped up on my screen while browsing gilt the other day

i've been really into drape-y clothes lately and was totally into the look of this cape. i like the tie at the waist and the hood.

who doesn't love a hood?

chic + comfortable + cozy

i like that.

_ _ _

here are some other capes i'm  excited about:

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

normally, i try to keep the models out of the picture for polyvore posts, but i wanted to include a plaid cape + that was the one i liked the best.

oh well, right?

the navy one in the middle has the drawstring waist i like. i also appreciate the camel/black combo. 

very nice

don't sneeze

image via the jealous curator via this is colossal  by regine ramseier

let's just take a minute to appreciate this installation made from dandelions (!) 

it's by german artist regine ramseier

can you imagine doing this? the time it would take? 

i'm in awe.

here's a detailed overview of her process, including how she transported them from field to gallery.

wouldn't this be cool at a wedding? instead of the beyond tired rose petals down the aisle, you could have some kick ass ceiling art.

if you have the patience for that sort of thing, that is.

inspiring for sure.

_ _ _

want more inspiration?

new-to-me colossal has all kinds of cool art to look at.

check out this picture from a recent post featuring the work of artist kristiina lahde:

via colossal by kristiina lahde

see more images from kristiina's exhibit here or here


can't stop won't stop

potw: chipboard

via delphine press

via boxcar press

via repeat press

by maemae paperie via invitation crush

these fine paper goods are each printed on chipboard and i have to say that i love the look. the irregularity of the paper (each is slightly different), the thickness, the color - i'm into it.

hoping to use this type of paper for the wedding. i'm all about it.


at the top of the mountain

finally wrapping up these charlottesville posts.* 


*i take my job as a dedicated procrastinator verrrry seriously

another view from the top

so the apple harvest festival was great. the perfect mini-getaway on a pretty fall afternoon.

the view from the top was breathtaking!

if you live anywhere near charlottesville, i recommend going. from dc, it's close enough for a day trip and it really feels like you've escaped.

_ _ _

you can only pick what's in season, but that's plenty! while we were there, they had jonagold, winesap, granny smith (!), fuji, braeburn, rome and york.

the boy sampling

my second fave, the pink ladies, weren't ripe yet, but they are now!

_ _ _

after we had picked + sampled, we stopped by the cafe for some fall treats. 

they have many things, but i have to tell you: get the apple cider donuts. omg.

one more shot of those babies? 


_ _ _

and because i like to eat as much as i can in a 24-hour period, we stopped at chandler's bakery on the way out of town and got enough treats to last us the week night.

_ _ _

hey-oh! i'm on a non-procrastinating roll. let's talk about seasonal eats too. 

but this one's easy.

apples are most definitely in season in the mid-atlantic region. in fact, the harvest festival still has one weekend for you to grab your own + try some of these classics + updated faves.

happy harvesting.

two days

working on the weekend | homecoming

dog as cat 

dog in window

on a walk | local high school

fetch with lucy + the boy

sunday sunset on the porch

saturday + sunday go by so fast!

can't wait to do it again.