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cherry picker

cherries feel like summer to me. and in july, they're at their very best.

pic by me

my sister and i picked up these guys last wknd. we ran through them in about five seconds.

_ _ _

here are some other new ways to enjoy this fruit. i'm trying to branch out of my i-only-eat-uncooked-fruit thing.



this is one of the more unique twists on a blt i've seen. the boy and i make blts a few times a month. could be a cool way to mix it up. plus, i always always have time for a sweet/salty combo.

via honey & jam
for all you freaks peeps out there who like hot fruit desserts, this crumble from honey & jam looks pretty easy.

via endless simmer


these popsicles have it all: 

fresh cherries
green apples (!)

plus, there's a recipe for homemade sweet + sour mix! 
_ _ _

enjoy these last few july days. i know i will!

in pictures, part IV

oc sunset

kickin ass in skeeball

birds and me, beach, seven AM


hot hot hot

farmer's roadside stand, pitstop before heading back

brace yourself

finally organizing my jewelry drawer

in pictures, part III

only one more set after this one. 

didn't realize i got so camera happy...

back of the boat

another bridge

ocean city

oc sunset

to the beach!

87th street beach, oc

boats i don't own

trespassing, oc


these little clutches by french-journalist-turned-designer clare vivier are just perfect

all via

i'm so into the green one. i need it.

shop her entire collection here

half heart + diamond

really digging this wedding suite printed by norman's printery

all images via norman's printery blog

i love the simplicity + geometry of it all. 

letterpress and blind deboss just put it over the top.

_ _ _

also got love for this one:

via norman's printery blog

what a unique way of using square paper.

love the envelope design too.

beautiful, inspiring work.

in pictures, part II

view from the back porch

florida trees

on the dock, six in the morning

to the airport

please turn off and store all electronic devices

bay bridge

new stuff

j crew

urban outfitters

some new items that have found their way into my closet

in pictures, part I

sister's deck 
delaware memorial bridge

florida bound

tampa highway


on the dock

my precious

image via

only too happy to free myself from android hell. finally.


starting friday night, i will be all up and down the east coast.


i need this break.

all via weheartit

bright eyes

my favorite purple (fake) wayfarers broke. luckily, there's plenty left on the internet.

view set here

just dance

one of the best parts of summer?

the return of one of my personal faves: so you think you can dance

[ok look. i'm not adding the question mark. i keep reading it incorrectly in my head when it's there.]

i love all the contestants every year (almost. i'm looking at you sabra), and this year is no exception. but i just have so much love for some of the earlier seasons.

and i got two little numbers for ya.

my fave this year?


although i have a near-perfect record of never predicting who will actually win, i hope she pulls it off.