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love for the city: secret steps

continuing with the 'love for the city' series...

_ _ _

ok so this isn't so much something i love about dc. it's really more of one of my favorite spots. 

my friend allie and i call them the secret steps. they're totally not a secret but they're a little hard to access so they've been deemed as such by us.

here's what google earth is showing:

see the tip top of the lincoln memorial at the top of the stairs? 

(or check out google maps)

_ _ _

the steps are sorta behind the memorial. 

but once you get over there and walk down the steps, it's beautiful.

it's the perfect spot to be lazy and watch the more ambitious 

dc folk work out while you stare at the water.

all pics by me

i actually don't think i've been since last spring when some of these shots were taken. it was so much easier to walk down to the mall when we lived downtown, but i think a trip to this spot is in order soon. 

oh yeah. i need to go.

_ _ _

p.s. blogger changed the way it's letting me format text so i can't make it as obnoxiously big anymore which is really frustrating me at the moment. but this blog is long overdue for an overhaul anyways, so thanks for the extra push, blogger. more to come on that someday soon, but i have to get out of blogspot hell.

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  1. our "not-so-secret" secret steps! i love sitting there and watching the river. :)