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potw: ay bay bay

i became an auntie for the first time last april.  

my nephew is easily the happiest, most mellow baby i've ever met.

i just love him to bits.

and he's the first grandchild for the boy's side of the family, so we've been showering that little guy with love for the past (almost!) 11 months.

this time last year, i was eagerly awaiting his birthday. we were all so excited for his arrival.
_ _ _

since baby showers are fairly common come spring time, here's a few of my favorite congratulatory cards for today's press of the week.


congratulations on twin girls | farewell paperie

simple, clean design | vandalia street press
[ not baby related but i also LOVE this one ]

adorable elephant card | anemone press

congratulations card for same sex couples | headcase press

i love them all, but i am especially happy to see the last one available for purchase on etsy.

how thoughtful, headcase press!*

_ _ _ 

yay for new babies and happy little families!

_ _ _

*i searched the entire internet for another congratulations card for same sex couples and this is all i could find. definitely hope to see more of these out there soon!

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