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friday finds IV

a few more summery picks for cooking, entertaining, or brightening up your office or living room.

and don't forget the sunscreen. i love josie maran's version just as much as i love her argan oil.

art | napkins | apple and pear | pillow | sunscreen | tape dispenser

those apple and pear salt and pepper holders are too cute for words.

happy weekend everyone!

san francisco vacation, part II

 here's the rest of the san francisco pics. 

we really had an awesome time. 

links to the places in these pics:

san francisco: the food

i wanted to share the places we ate at and enjoyed while in san francisco.

this is only the very tip of a gigantic iceberg. there were (no lie) at least ten other places i wanted to check out but we were only there for five days. luckily, we didn't have strike out once, which is nice when you're basing your restaurant picks (in a city known for good food!) on a combination of yelp reviews, local magazine articles, blog posts and newspaper write-ups.

i'm not going to go into too much detail about each one; you can see peruse the menus yourself if you'd like. but here are some highlights:

1. hog & rocks. this was the only non-planned place we tried. while we were walking to another restaurant, we passed this one, checked out the menu and decided to check it out while we were in town. you guys. they had egg yolk fries. incredible. the pimento cheese/pretzel was aslo very good.

2. reveille coffee co. the coffee and breakfast items we got here were good. but my favorite thing was the chocolate chip/sea salt cookie that we took with us to the beach.

3. beast & the hare. this was a repeat performance for us. we went here last time we were in town and loved it. we swore we'd go back if we were ever in town again and a year-and-a-half later, it didn't disappoint. the handmade pasta was perfect and they even sent over a complimentary plate of pickled vegetables since we had to wait a little bit for our reservation. completely unnecessary since we were in vacation mode and not on any time crunch, but i thought it was a classy touch.

4. craftsman & wolves. i had a savory tart with ricotta here that blew my mind. we also got a bag of shoyu chocolate caramels that we ate during the trip. so good and a fun twist on my beloved salted caramel.

5. state bird provisions. stop the presses. i did something i never ever (ever) do with this one: i waited in line an hour before the restaurant opened to see if we could get a seat without a reservation. we did. we were here for our anniversary dinner, and without gushing too much, it's safe to say it's probably the best meal i've had in my life. their menu changes constantly, but here are some great images of some of their offerings.

5. 4505 meats. these guys had a stand set up at the market on sunday. their breakfast sandwich was incredible.

6. spikes. this was a few steps from the place where we stayed. this was my favorite coffee we had the whole trip and their breakfast pastries were also top notch.

7. mission chinese food. i'd been hearing about this place for a long time, and since my husband really likes chinese food, we gave it a shot. unique, inventive and low key. i recommend it for sure.

8. the station. another breakfast/coffee place we tried. i ended up liking my husband's breakfast sandwich more than the one i got, but both were really good and i'd go back again.

_ _ _

any places in the bay area you tried and loved?

san francisco vacation, part I

i took a ton of pictures while we were out in california, so i'll be spreading these out over today and tomorrow. 


links to where we went: 

road trips and childhood secrets

this weekend, bob and i babysat our six-month-old niece, leah, while my sister and her husband had a little getaway weekend in vermont.

for some weird reason, babies seem to want a lot of attention and i wound up taking zero instagram pictures this weekend.

just this one on the way out of town on friday morning. 

you can see the suspicion in her eyes already.

"wait, there's gonna be another 19-pound thing vying for your affection? rude."

we had a good time though and had plenty of time to talk and just hang out as a couple. it was nice.

and i learned a deep dark secret about my husband: as a child, he was a VERY picky eater and he strongly preferred cereal to almost every other food out there. so much was his love for this crunchy breakfast staple that when his family had taco nights, he'd forgo the delicious seasoned meats and toppings and would instead load up his crunchy taco shell with....cap'n crunch.


and i thought i was a weird kid.

anyways, hope you all had a good weekend. i'm working on a roundup of our san francisco trip. pics coming very soon!

potw: welcome summer

in my mind, summer officially kicks off on memorial day weekend, but its official arrival is tomorrow.

i'm slowly getting back into blogging after my vacation, so i thought i'd kick it off with some fun summery designs.

ice cream, sunshine, crabs, sandals, lazy sunset bike rides. these things mean summer to me. 

from top left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

this time of year is my fave. 

_ _ _

looking for more letterpress goods? check out my press of the week series here. a new potw is posted (almost) every monday. but you can always find the latest by following me on twitter.

see you soon

img source

i'll be out of town for the next few days, but will be back on wednesday to share some pictures and whatnot.

after all this dc heat, i'm having a hard time remembering what sixty degrees will feel like.

enjoy your weekend!

let's play a game


so there's tons of splurge vs. save posts out there.

but if the price tags weren't there, would you be able to spot the splurge and the save?

i thought it would be a fun experiment.

obviously, if these options were sitting in front of you instead of sitting on your screen, this would be a whole different ballgame since you'd get to touch them, but using only your internet connection and your eyeballs, let's see how you do, shall we?

and no peeking!

did you make your guesses?

a day at the park

and even though i can't sip on a beer this season, it's still awesome.

especially when you go on pups in the park day.

make sure you get out to the park this year. 

and go nats!

potw: simple

sometimes, simple is best.

no crazy designs, no flourishes, just pretty letterpress with no pretense.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

any of these catch your eye? 

_ _ _

looking for more letterpress goods? check out my press of the week series here. a new potw is posted (almost) every monday. but you can always find the latest by following me on twitter.

a few pics

this weekend was pretty quiet for me, which was a good thing since the last couple have been pretty busy. and we're traveling the next few weekends, so it was good to have some time at home.

we did go to another nats game yesterday. probably shoulda went saturday instead since yesterday decided to bring the pain in the form of crazy humidity.

but they won! both games, actually.

we also had to say goodbye to our other frenchie that we'd been watching for the week. it was fun having him around.

later this week, i'm off to san francisco for our one-year anniversary getaway/friend's wedding in sonoma. should be an awesome time. i can't wait to eat and eat and eat.

dressing for the fourth

well, since this was in my head all day yesterday (who knows why), it got me thinking about the fourth of july.

here's a whole mess of red, white and blue items to get in the spirit of things.

and if you're local, these pieces would be pretty cute to wear to nats games.

red: dress | shorts | shoes | clutch | sunglasses | necklace
white: dress | necklace | sandals | earrings | shirt
blue: swimsuit | peplum top | dress | belt | coin purse | earrings

a few things to note: first, when i found those red sunglasses, my eyes just sorta glazed over the $400-plus price tag. don't spend that much. these are cute, too

also, that bikini top is cute, but i don't advise wearing that to a nats game. ;)

_ _ _

get your sparklers ready. the summer seems to go by super fast and the fourth will be here before you know it. 

splish splash

lucy hates getting a bath. i just love her faces in these. she's like come ON.

when it's warm out, we try to give her a bath ourselves. in the colder months, we've had a lot of luck taking her here.

i always want to get some pictures of her when she's actually in the tub, but we both kinda have to hold her. otherwise, she's outta there.

june rules

if may is my favorite month, june is a mighty close second.

and this first weekend turned out pretty great, even if i did have to work.

baking more of these already
go see it
leaving campus after working during reunion weekend
lucy has a boyfriend for the week / dogsitting 

a meal too good to stop and instagram

 i also want to tip my hat to the amazing chefs at table. i've been talking about going there for months and months now and i'm so glad we finally went. 

i have eaten at a lot of places in my nine years living here, but i can say without question that this was the best meal i have ever had in dc. 

enjoy your week!