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'don't worry about it'

i don't think about age too often

but i may be having a 
milestoney(ish, esque) 
bday this year. 

//see video

by advanced style via nowness

this is how you do it. 

love their attitude about life + fashions

|advanced style| 
dedicated to celebrating that mentality

bring those showers!

          april's coming.

bring those showers
via polyvore by couldawouldapica

and you know what they say.

prepare yourself!

[why the hair ties?]
because dammit. it's hard to have good hair in the rain.

rain rain, please do stay

grass green umbrella by tray 6

the boy i love surprised me with this last week after mine broke :/

but besides being adorable, it's super functional and strong.

no more inside-out umbrella fiascos for me.

this one's mine. but you can get your own

containment, deux

i am still obsessing

image via

image via

image via

image via

image via

this particular home is made from 
twelve shipping containers. 

it lives in brooklin, maine
 and was designed by 
artist + architect adam kalkin

[click to see more of his work. wow, dude]

images via dornob

and another one. too much.

*love* the chain link on the interior.

by keith dewey of zigloo

image via

even new york gets in on the container game.

stalker alert: 
[on the corner of charles + washington, west village]

designed by architects
jason halter
christos marcopoulous


i saved my #1 seed (sorry it's march) for last

image via by photographer chris cooper

image via by photographer chris cooper

image via by photographer chris cooper

uhh what?

texas architect 
jim poteet dreamed this one up.
it's in san antonio.

can't believe places like this exist

...i will never lust after a regular home again. 

well, maybe.

oh miuccia

i'm not a huge shoe person.

i like em, but i always find myself
spending my paychecks on jewelry and clothing.

-h o w e v e r-

were i so inclined (read: much more ballin), these prada lovelies

from the spring 2011 collection would be on my feet.

image via

image via

i'm surprised how much i like them.

i'm not one to go nuts on the sartorial splendor happening during fashion week and beyond -- mostly bc i don't care/can't keep up -- but these just look so bad ass/rightnow/awesome.


everyone has a fave city
...or at least one that makes them happy.

these adorable, re-usable cotton totes are the work of
brooklyn-based maptote, the brainchild of
rachel rheingold + michael berick.

excerpt from their site:
"after a trip to europe, rachel rheingold (a fashion stylist) and michael berick (a cartographer) wanted to create something they could do together. combining their love and passion for travel, maps, and design--MAPTOTE was born in the fall of 2006."

as a dc rez, using these instead of a plastic bag at fine retail establishments and one of the 500 CVS stores I frequent farmers markets has almost become second nature. 

but these are good to have on hand in general.
youknow, for all your toting needs.

last year, i purchased one for a very good friend 
who happens to be obsessed with paris (above).

i'm intrigued by their other products as well 
(zip pouch, wine tote, below)

sustainability + smart design?
love it!

evidence mounting

. . . for spring's d o m i n a n c e

friday song

via my brain | tunes here

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i love etsy.
probably too much.

but these birds right here?

via esty shop skye art

too cute to pass up.



let's get nautical, nautical

line up
via polyvore by couldawouldapica


via a t designs

i estimate i need at least 5 of these to live at my house.

beautifulbeyondbelief concrete* items brought to you by 

a t designs 

via their etsy shop

also. their bio? 


(courtesy of etsy)

"a t designs is an innovative, family-owned, design group. 
we are concrete artisans, print makers, photographers, carpenters, painters, crafters and designers. we are two brothers who share 3600 square feet of a turn-of-the-last-century neighborhood bakery"


via a t designs

^ grannies as prop! ^

via a t designs

rough-looking concrete* AND greenage?!

i want.

*tobehonest, ap style was jammed into my head. it haunts me still.
omg is it cement or concrete?!


i can't really draw 



i should re-phrase


i can't draw for shit

but blake wright can

[ a few select faves of his work, below ]

[ personal fave!]

check the archives. now.


via my brain | tunes here

sticks and sticks

photograph by paul kodama | 
installation - honolulu, hawaii - 2003

photograph courtesy of the north carolina museum of art | installation - raleigh, nc - 2005
photograph by ricardo barros | 
installation - hamilton, new jersey - 2004

photograph by dennis cowley | 
installation - new york, new york - 1996

photograph by wayne moore | 
installation - the savannah college of art and design - 1998

photograph by adam rodrigeuz | 
installation - phoenix, arizona - 2007


all installations are the work of

excerpt from bio on his site:

"beginning about 1980 with small works,
fashioned in his backyard, he quickly moved from
conventional pedestals to monumental
site-specific installations
that require sticks by the truckload."

there's something

so   w h i m s i c a l

about these i really appreciate

[ i'd love to see one in person someday ]