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cross it off

last night, i looked outside at 7 o'clock and it was already almost dark. i like warm weather, going to the beach and summer clothes, but the thing i always miss about summer the most is the light. when it's almost nine and it finally decides to get fully dark. i miss that in december when it's pitch black by 5:15.

dc got lucky this year. august was pleasant, not boiling, and it was one of the nicest summers i can remember. 

_ _ _

the changing of the seasons always brings about a closet clean-out. i got rid of a ton of clothes this time. my motto for this clean-out: "if it doesn't fit TODAY, it's GONE." feels good to look in my closet, knowing that everything that's in there actually fits. no aspirational clothes allowed. enough of that bs.

_ _ _

we got a lot done this weekend. boring errands and life stuff, but i always feel good when the weekend is productive. as much as i think i'd prefer to relax, i always end up feeing better when i'm getting stuff done, crossing off the to-do list like a maniac.

enjoy these last few days of summer. i'm not ready to let go.

a beautiful sunset from our last trip of the summer 
lucy being a grade A weirdo
cinnamon rolls for my birthday 
coming back from a kid-free dinner

friday finds: xiv

i felt fall creeping in this morning. i'm not grabbing any jackets yet, but it's coming for us.

j crew factory has a bunch of things on clearance right now. some good deals, some not at all (this is the SALE price?!) but i'm loving that short sleeved shirt. that beanie would also look cute with pretty much any color coat or jacket. score one for versatility.

travel-sized products | tote | hat | shirt | stationery | scarf

have a good weekend! the weather on sunday in dc is supposed to be amazing.