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so long september

stelllaaaaaaaaa! | pic by me

the back of my house <3 | pic by me

thirty days went by fast even though it rained. allthetime.

but i'm looking forward to october. my letterpress class is tomorrow, my sister's getting married in vermont(more on that later!), and next weekend, the boy and i are headed here to really get our fall on.

enjoy the weekend!


stuck in traffic | pic by me

at least the sky's pretty

making the most

i love shopping

but as much as i'd like to be able to buy something new all the time, the funds just aren't always there.

[really, mortgage? i guess you come first]

so how do i satisfy my need for new + keep the bill collectors at bay?

wear a dress as a shirt.
_ _ _

here's my method:
take a dress made from somewhat thin material (don't want any wrinkly butts, right?)

my beloved mechanics of style dress by modcloth 

pop a skirt over 

sparkle + fade skirt by UO | no longer in stores :/

(add a belt if you like. i almost always do)

luxurious bathroom photo shoot | swear i'm not bald

and that's it!

i do this all the time. i have a lot of dresses that are ok for the weekend, but would be kinda pushing it in an office setting. 

it's an easy way to get a whole new outfit that didn't cost a thing! and i just have so much love for repurposing items in my closet.

look out now!


pics by me

hit up the georgetown flea market this weekend + walked away with these guys.

i'd never been there before, but it's worth checking out. lots of old furniture and clothes, vintage books/records and some weirdo stuff mixed in there. 

you know. 
just to keep it interesting.

but these guys?

these guys will make their debut at the wedding. 

especially excited about the bottle in the second picture. 

[nice patina you got there!]

potw: heart

today we have these little printed cards from moxie house

all via moxie house

i love when two colors blend to make a third color, as shown in the last picture.

the color combo is different too. 

[although i can't stop seeing these pants when i see these colors]

image via | pants by amy

yikes. i guess some things just stick with you.

either way, i'm digging the heart pattern and the not-at-all-girly palette.

nice work!

_ _ _

more moxie house goodness can be bought here


it's just about lunch time. 

let's talk sandwiches.
pic by me

the boy and i went here a few weekends back. we wanted to check out something new + this place delivered. 

i don't know another place in dc quite like it.

pic by me

i mentioned it's in an alley, right?

via google maps

so once we found the place, it was time to decide what to eat. 

i can be somewhat indecisive when it comes to new menus. not because i'm a picky eater, but because the opposite is true: i want to try everything.

pic by me

eventually though, i chose the buenos aires [skirt steak, chimichuri, red caramelized onions] + the boy tried the athens [lamb, lettuce, tomato, red onion, tzatziki]

after we ordered, we ended up swapping. i liked his better/he liked mine. love it when that works out, don't you?

pic by me | buenos aires by sundevich

the sandwiches were freaking massive. srsly, they're like a foot long. you can kiiinda see in that picture up there where it's cut in half. 

yeah. huge.

i think two people could easily split one. the baguette they use could probably be a little less chewy (my jaw was getting tired by the end!), but the meats were seasoned nicely. it would also be nice to see some more drink options here (maybe some tea?), but i was ok with my perrier.

pic by me | athens by sundevich

as a side order, we got this potato salad. it had a nice, somewhat unexpected, curry flavor to it. but i probably ate two bites. 

so stuffed.

pic by me | potato salad by sundevich


it wasn't packed in there.

in terms of seating, there are a few high-top/family-style tables. it's pretty small on the inside, but i enjoyed their cozy little set up. you can see them preparing your food too, which i think is kinda cool.

pic by me | our table at sundevich

but one of the best things about sundevich? 

this excerpt from their site:

"as much as possible, we hope to utilize local farmers and producers in our immediate backyard. by supporting local agriculture and businesses, we hope to bring recognition to their efforts by showcasing their products."

if you're looking for something a little different than traditional sandwich shop offerings (turkey + swiss? please.), check out sundevich.

i know i'll be back.

me gusta

via zara

every year, about this time, i go hunting for a new coat 

a coat that's not black, grey, charcoal


winter's dreary enough

i am really into this one. haven't bought it quite yet, but i don't know that i'll be able to resist much longer.


mug courtesy of our wedding photographer | so thoughtful!

please play fetch with me! | on the porch

it rained last night? | i guess why am i surprised

muffins | yum

one mug for me + one for the boy

please throw it again?

sigh...won't you throw it?



enjoying my weekend


always fun to mess around with the new lens the boy got me


there are so many street style blogs out there, it's almost hard to keep track.

i want her hair!

but here's one with a twist

i need those shoes

i want to be her! tells you where you can steal copy get the look yourself with links to online retailers selling the goods. 


if what they're wearing is sold out/vintage/made by their grandmother in 1954/otherwise unavailable, the site will offer a link to something similar.

via i want to be her!

we all have our own style, but there's no doubt everyone's seen someone on the street wearing something that makes you think 'damn where'd they get that!?' 

via i want to be her!

plus, it's just fun to flip through and see all the looks.

feelin this whole look

read more about the site and its founders here.


fall is here | pics by me


via simplesong


another letterpress post

but this one is different!

today, i signed up for the beginning letterpress lecture through simplesong design + i really could not BE MORE PUMPED.

see? i even busted out caps lock for this. 

i've talked about simplesong before, so it's really a dream come true to take this class. 

dig it!

potw: edges

via here and here | created for these guys 

know what i like best about these? 

the blue edges.

i don't see this treatment too often

but man i love it.



well if that's the case, i'll never see the doctor for the rest of my life

and you know it's true.

i saw it online.

happy friday to one and all

and after

giant! rainbow | pic by me 

 wish these were better - damn you instagram

before the storm

pic by me | chinatown, dc | clouds overhead


fell in love with these public transit-inspired posters by trnsprtnation the second i saw them.

via trnsprtnation

fadeout design created these + they are available for several cities, including boston, chicago, london, nyc, san francisco, and good ol' dc

i love when dc makes the cut

side note: going to sf for the first time (!) in november and i. can. not. wait.

via trnsprtnation

at first glance, it looks like it's just an outline of the metro/subway/tube/T/L map

but it's all about the subtle details here + their clever use of station names to make up the lines of the map.

and you know i love me some good typography.

via trnsprtnation

well done, fadeout. 

the dc one may be making an appearance in my home soon.