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just fab

deals are awesome. 

deals on some of the coolest, most original things available online?

even more awesome.

i joined about a month ago. i kept seeing people rave about it on twitter. at first, i didn't care. ANOTHER site and ANOTHER username and password combo to remember?

no thanks.

but i caved and now i'm in. 

and you should be, too.
_ _ _

like gilt and others, fab has deals that are announced daily. but they last a little longer than stuff on gilt. and you get a little email notification when a sale goes live.

here's some of the stuff they have on there right now:

porcelain planters by farrah sit | retails for $120 on fab for $84

everyday trays by eric pfeiffer | retails for $125 on fab for $86
lavandula organic baby wash by limegreen | retails for $13 on fab for $10.50

bianca metal blades fan | retails for $805 on fab for $560

_ _ _

they have cheaper stuff too. i bought these wine tumblers from takeya last night.

they're shatterproof, which makes them perfect for sipping wine on our back porch.

wine tumbler set by takeya | retails for $11.99 on fab for $8

mmm. pour me another cup of pinot!

i also picked up this necklace 


brass bunting necklace by (of)matter | retails for $30 on fab for $21

_ _ _

if you want to hop on these deals, click here and sign up. if you join today, fab will give you a $10 credit to get things started. 

yay! free money!

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