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the right angles

i wear a lot of triangle jewelry...a lot.

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

to me, it just looks so cool. and it also kinda has an edge.

some of my favorite etsy shops also have some cool angular designs available

stained wooden necklaces by voz clothing and art

three-point triangle bunting necklace by tiny armour

montauk point earrings by upper metal class

right triangle necklace by upper metal class
_ _ _

i also broke down and bought this little number that's been on my mind since last summer

station leather necklace by house of harlow

i have a pair of earrings with the same leather treatment and i really love them. so i'm excited for this necklace to get here.

_ _ _

glad to see these sharp angles sticking around. 

because i'm still not over it.

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