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love for the city: take me out

continuing with the 'love for the city' series

_ _ _

i live with two baseball-crazed people. the boy and my sister.

and while i don't like baseball the same way they do, there's almost nothing better than spending the day (or night!) at nats park.

it's such a beautiful stadium.

all pics by me

can't wait to go this year. even if it just means lots of people watching, a shake shack burger and a beer.

oh yes.


  1. These are some of my fav shots of yours of course! As much as I loved attending those games with you, that 2010 team was just awful and lost every time we went. That last shot of ol Nick Johnson swingin and a missin' is excellent

  2. Now I realize that it was actually the 2009 team in those games, as evidenced by the Manny Acta appearance. Both of those teams were pretty awful anyway

  3. woo hoo! thanks for the shoutout haha i can't wait to go to games either :) and awesome pics of course.