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outpost post

outpost was amazing.

i wanted to bring everything home. 

instead, we held back and ended up taking home these fine things (and that yellow #3 sign you see up there)

also bought this chalkboard tablet from peg & awl.

they focus on using found/reclaimed items and giving them new life.

you know i love lists, right? so now this guy is hanging in our kitchen. it holds our grocery store needs for the week. can't handle the cuteness.

grab your own, here.

i'm dying over their letterpress tags (and all the information they provide about where the wood was from. aw)

_ _ _

it was a gloomy, rainy february day.

but since the boy went to school in philly (go owls!), we decided to spend the day there and take in the city.

had some yummy lunch at good dog

we also hit up the art museum to get our culture on.

we had an awesome day.

are you planning any day trips soon?

i'm heading to west virginia this weekend with the boy's family to go skiing. now, i didn't grow up skiing. we always lived in the southeastern part of the country. 

last year was my first experience with that horrific challenging activity. so a ski vacation for me means i'll ski for two seconds and then stomp over to the lodge to find some alcoholic beverages.

enjoy your weekend!

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