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love for the city

happy happy friday, everyone.

i thought i'd end our week together by introducing a new column today.

i love dc. the food, the mildish winter weather we have, the stunning rowhouses, our screwy traffic grid ([most]state name streets run diagonal!), our (mostly) free museums and galleries, marriage equality, the diversity of people and neighborhoods. 

i'm all in.

so this new recurring column will showcase my deep love for this pretty city.

_ _ _

today, i have a series of call box pictures for you. 

i love these little guys. 

they're not in use anymore but they're still all over the city. i've been taking pictures of them for years and wanted to share a few. 

i love how each neighborhood's call boxes are just a little different. and you should see how excited i get when i stumble across a color combo or design i haven't seen yet.


aren't they great?
_ _ _

here's to a fantastic weekend!

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