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link with love

can you guys hear me?

i'm all the way up here on my soapbox today to talk about something i believe is pretty important.

via link with love
you see something, you want to blog about it. but then you can't find the original source to save your life. or you want to re-pin something and notice that it's not linked to the original source.

totally happened to me before. and it's so frustrating

but not giving proper credit to the original source--especially in the pinterest/tumblr/weheartit era--is just as frustrating to the designer/photographer/art director/prop stylist who spent time creating the image for your viewing pleasure.


i believe bloggers, pinterest users and others roaming these vast internets have the power to change this. to change the perception that giving proper credit requires nothing more than inserting 'via' in 6-point typeface and linking to tumblr.

not cool, dude.

the good thing is that this is a pretty easy fix.

and there are some awesome tools that make finding the OG source a breeze.


it's a bit hard to see here, but if you visit and click on that light blue little camera in the search bar, the 'search by image' window will drop down. 

from there, just paste the image URL or upload the picture and google will (most often) point you to the original source.

easy easy easy.

want something even easier?

ok fine.


you know, like the pin it and chip it ones we've talked about before. 

it's so simple to use.

once it's installed, just click the button when you're on a website, and it'll work its magic to point you to the original source.


i added the 'link with love' button to the bottom of this blog. and i hope you'll try sharing the love while you pour through all the fabulous things the internet has to offer.

if you want more information, check out link with love.

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