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what's poppin

i'm such a sucker for office supplies of any kind. 

i love new pens, pads of paper, and smart organization solutions.

my home office isn't quite finished being set up, but it's coming together. 

one day, it'll look something like this, i'm hoping.

via house of turquoise and flickr user xJavierx
_ _ _ 

the other day, i was getting some tips from martha, when i saw this little ruler among her card-making must-haves.*

turns out, it was made by poppin, a newish ny-based company who, according to their website, "wants to be the first retailer that makes looking at, buying, and using office products an extraordinary experience."

sounds good to me!

their products are adorable + well designed. i'll take one of each of these, please.

you can buy the items as needed or get one of their cute little bundles

i like the prepster. gives you a little taste of everything.

all images via poppin
_ _ _

cute, no? 

poppin kinda won me over. their product descriptions are fun, too. i love that.

where's your go-to for office supplies?

_ _ _

*the image isn't loading on that link for some reason, but the green ruler (originally show in white on martha's site) is what i'm referencing.

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