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potw: let's eat

via lovely stationery

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so we had a blast in charleston visiting my parents in december.

and a definite high point of that trip was our meal at FIG.

and for me, i know a meal is yummy when i don't even bust out my camera to snap a picture of it. bc that's what happened at FIG. ate it all without even one megapixel to prove it.

i noticed something else cool when i was there:
the menus (that changes almost daily) were made using letterpress techniques.

they flat print the daily food offerings but the top of the menu stays all pretty and letterpressed. 

FIG's menus are the beautiful work of stitch design company. and i love that they thought of everything: all the way down to paper circles to cover the butter.

see more here.

go on, take a peek. . .

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