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via fashionista

i first saw this dress when i was ruthlessly scouring the internet for wedding dress inspiration. it's part of honor's fantastic pre-fall 2012 collection.* 

but i'm not talkin wedding dresses today. 

the reason that punchy dress up there stuck in my brain was its alluring hemline.

i love the way it makes this dress just a bit more special. 
_ _ _ 

i've been noticing other skirts with this look lately, and i like what i see.

via couldawouldapica on polyvore

zara's got some asymmetric things happening too.

via zara

via zara

i'm pretty into the star-covered one.

via oasis

this fun pleated number caught my eye also. 

yay orange!
_ _ _

have you tried this silhouette?

what do you think?

_ _ _

*for those who care about this sort of thing, i also showed an image of this dress to the lovely tailors at ginger root creating the wedding dress

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