one potato, two potato

what are you doing the weekend of february 11?



if you're anywhere near philadelphia, you should check this out.

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i don't remember how i first happened upon three potato four. i think i read about one of their fantastic barn sales or...something. 

but it's a husband + wife-run little brick + mortar store that sells vintage and vintage-inspired pieces.

last year, i kept meaning to trek up to PA to check out a barn sale. but that didn't happen. 

and since it doesn't appear that they hold the barn sales anymore, i was incredibly pumped to learn about this outpost event. 

(read all about the event + the other rad vendors participating here.)

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but in the meantime, three potato four is having a winter sale (!) to make room for fun new inventory. 

i bought this over the weekend

i'm excited to incorporate it into our bathroom decor. love that anchor design.

their stuff is one-of-a-kind and sells out quickly so here's a few things i was eyeing but wasn't quite quick enough to grab.



don't worry though! 

there are plenty of other vintage goodies left.

here are some that i'm into

buy here

buy here
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i know where i'll be in early february!

hope you can join me.

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