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we built this city

i love giving gifts.

my sister-in-law* just had a birthday last weekend. so i did what any normal psycho person would do and pin-stalked her to get some ideas.

we'd gone to san francisco with them earlier in the year, so when i saw she'd pinned this guy:

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i knew what one of her presents had to be.

it's created by ork posters, makers of "the most beautiful city neighborhood posters in the whole wide world," according to their website.

but they are pretty, aren't they?

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the boy bought the dc one for me when we were living in our dupont studio.** aww

there's lots of other cities and boroughs to choose from, too.

plus, they make posters like this heart one:

buy here

pretty sweet stuff, right?

and i love showing some city pride.
_ _ _

*ok technically, my sister-in-law-to-be but that's just an inordinate amount of hyphens, no?

**i thought i had some pictures of that space that i could share, but i'm having a bit of trouble finding them. i'll throw them up here if i ever do.

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  1. Love these! That Dc one is amazing - and my favorite, of course! xo Liz