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potw: jot

remember this guy i bought after the amazing letterpress class i took?

mini notebook purchased at fifteen eleven by suitor

i've loved having it around.

i mean i make so many lists, it's kind of nuts. i love making them, crossing things off, consolidating them.

before i bought this notebook, i'd scribble my ideas or things to do anywhere i could find a spare scrap of paper - even pages from old magazines often found themselves living a second life as a list in my purse.

but there's a prettier way.
a letterpressed way.
below are some of my favorites:

via felt & wire shop by smock paper

via paper lovely

an older (2008) piece by simple song design | 
no longer being sold, but i appreciate the love of lists
 _ _ _ 

also, if you're looking for a unique gift idea or card for the upcoming crazyseason, spend some time browsing through the felt & wire store offerings. 

i want all the things

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