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potw: bad ass

among the many rad vendors at outpost (recap soon!), heads of state was there selling some pretty cool city posters (dc made the cut!) and t-shirts.

i wasn't in the market for a poster at the time, but i snagged a business card from them because i can't get that dc one out of my head.

but! i want to show a little love for their bad ass business card. 

it's thick. like superthick.

really dig their logo, too.

check it out:

imgs by me

also, i really hope that's an x-acto in the eagle's claw. 

_ _ _

and in a bit of a different kind of potw, i present this antique letterpress type tray from 3potato4 that is now holding my most-worn earrings.

bam! this tray makes getting ready in the morning so. much. easier.

i can see everything all at once. yay for efficiency.

think i have enough post earrings?

oh man.


  1. Love the chartreuse earrings! Vintage?

  2. no. that'd be cool if they were though! they're kate spade. xmas gift.