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weekend stuff

at eastern market with the boy and the fam

behind the scenes at eastern market to meet with wedding peeps

sunny capitol hill

yellow paint on a sunny sunday
for a new project | more to come

only three salted caramels left

_ _ _

so this weekend was pretty good.

hung out with my future sister-in-law for her bday, got some projects done around the house and, with the help of the boy and my sister, polished off a full pound of salted caramels from the caramel jar.

i laughed a little when the big ol' mason jar arrived in the mail with the warning 'best when eaten within seven days'

'there's no way we'll finish that,' i thought.


well, who knew they would be the best thing i've ever eaten. in my life.

buy some here.

hope your week's off to a fun start.

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