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potw: home sweet home

the boy and i bought our first home last april.

it's been so fun getting to know this area of dc, far away from our little studio on 17th and mass (still miss you sometimes!)

_ _ _

i have a couple of friends who have purchased homes recently.

it's such an exciting life event.

these custom moving announcements from duet letterpress are pretty much the cutest. and they're even on sale at the moment. woo hoo!

but the best part?

they'll customize it for you with a hand-drawn image of your new abode!

now, these illustrations would make any home look extra adorable, but i have to say that the lovely rowhouses that grace our dc neighborhoods would really stand out with this design.

via duet letterpress on etsy

_ _ _

i love this special way to announce a new home.

what do you think? what's your favorite way to announce a move?

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