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beyond the luau

my parents live in charleston these days. but for a few years after i graduated college, they lived in honolulu.

now, much like any other tourist-heavy city, the locals kinda laugh at/make fun of the total touristy things visitors tend to do (hello, dc visitors standing on the left!) and the number one omg-look-at-that-total-tourist thing in the 50th state is donning a hawaiian print shit.

but my dad could care less. and even though they lived there for almost five years, he'd still rock one all the time.

come ON dad, jeez.

_ _ _

so with that being said, i'm a little surprised i'm into this kinda kooky, borderline tacky tropical print thing.

but i gotta say that's one of my favorite things about fashion: when omg-that's-so-hideous gets elevated to omg-did-you-see-that's-so-rad status. i like being surprised like that. and i like that this goes beyond just floral.

especially when the shapes and pattern feel so modern like this:

via couldawouldapica on polyvore

oh man. i love it.

and because everyone deserves to try out trends, these pieces are all under $100.

mele kalikimaka or whatever.
_ _ _

see you guys out there.

i'll be the one who's twins with her pops.

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