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love for the city: sunrise

continuing with the 'love for the city' series

_ _ _

i've never really been a morning person.

i've gotten more used to it over the years, but i've always considered myself more of the night owl variety.

_ _ _

a few years ago, as a gift, my grandmother signed me up for this photography workshop hosted by national geographic right on 17th. i learned so much more about photography, and from a purely journalistic standpoint, getting an inside look at this total machine of a periodical was awesome. we got to visit their art department, and yours truly was geeking out to the max.

it was a three-day class and on the last day, we were to meet at the lincoln memorial between 5:30 and 6:00.

uhhhhh hold up.

BE THERE AT 5:30?!

but when i arrived?

worth it. times a million.

check this out:

wowza, right? 

that'll take your breath away!

here's some more sunrise action for you.

all pics by me

i took these shots as the sun was rising and then stuck around afterward to take some pictures of the early morning crowd--runners, power walkers, engagement shoot couples, dog walkers, park police.

i wish i'd taken more of the sun as it began to rise, but it was so peaceful and calming just sitting there, watching the sun come up, cup of coffee and camera at the ready.

the lincoln memorial at sunrise is a must-see event.

even if you only do it once, there's something pretty special about being there as this fantastic city of ours slowly comes to life.

you could even hit up the secret steps afterward.

either way, your morning will be pretty awesome.

rise and shine!

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