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midi gate

ok so the title of this post doesn't make sense.

but that pun was just begging to be used.

_ _ _

so let's talk longer hemlines.

my entire life, i've loved above-the-knee fashions. i honestly wouldn't even consider wearing something that hit me at mid-calf level. but i've found myself really taking a liking to these lengthy ladylike looks.

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

_ _ _

also! these are all less than $100. so go on. grab two of your faves.

especially now, with the coming of spring, there's nothing i'd rather wear.

and although i tend to prefer flats and sandals instead of heels and wedges, this is a look that really works with a little height.

have fun out there!

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