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spinach time

ooo wee!

been a while since the last seasonal eats post, but here we go!

so it's may. and around these parts, spinach is in season.

_ _ _

growing up, the only kind of spinach i ever really saw was the frozen kind. now there's nothing at all wrong with that. i use frozen spinach to make my ziti and lasagna. 

but since it's the time for spinach to shine, here's a few fun ways to use the fresh stuff.

_ _ _

for starters, there's this delicious-sounding hot spinach dip by martha.

via martha stewart

real simple has this spinach pesto recipe that i'm just dying to try.

are you trying to incorporate more veggies into your meals? what about spinach for breakfast? try this spinach and egg breakfast sandwich from simple daily recipes. or maybe you fancy a quiche?

for lunch, these sandwiches sound amazing. so do these ones made with chicken, mushrooms and cheese. 

here's a pic. 

via epicurious
or, you could go with the classic combo of spinach and strawberries in a salad.


this one has pecans and goat cheese.

_ _ _

enjoy the green stuff at its peak!

i know i'll be picking some up this week.

_ _ _

you can check out my other ways to eat with the seasons right here. take a peek!

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