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strap happy

i take an insane amount of instagram pics, but i also still use my big girl camera a lot.

i've been lugging it around for years and had always just used the supremely touristy aka nevercool neck strap that came with it.


that all changed when one of my favesjamie beck, showcased this baby in her holiday gift guide.

both images via photo jojo

brilliant, i tell you.

i always hated wearing it around my neck. not just because it looks nerdy, but because it's really not that functional. if you want to snap something superquick, you can potentially miss it in those teeny milliseconds where you're fumbling to grab it.

and i'll take advice from the baddest ass photographer i know any day. 
(it also doesn't hurt that she looks so classically chic 24/7)

image via from me to you

 wowza, right?

_ _ _

anyways, i've been using mine for a while now, and i love it. my hand gets a little tired from holding it instead of my neck carrying the weight of the camera (those things are heavy!), but the efficiency/practicality totally won me over.

and because i have more glitter tape than i know what to do with, i customized mine a bit to make it less...blah.

that's more like it.

if you ever use a digital slr camera, i highly recommend this purchase.

and the glitter? well, that's your call, but who doesn't love a little extra sparkle?

happy snapping!

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