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pretty good pleating

the other day after work, i met up with some good friends here.

 [still delish, btw ]

but anyways, one of my friends was wearing a pleated skirt, and it looked so cute.

i have two: this one and an orange cotton one from h&m that i got last summer (seen here; this is the only image i could find).

_ _ _

i kinda forgot i had that blue skirt until i saw my friend wearing her black version, but it made me want to wear it.

[ my outfit from yesterday* ]

outfit (and my duvet cover)

i find that i don't wear pleated full skirts as often as pencil skirts, but every time i pop one on, it feels so fun. 

when i was around six or seven, i liked to wear dresses all the time but under one condition: they had to be able to twirl. that was a requirement.

now, i've become less rigid with my skirting needs, but wearing one of these guys, especially on a breezy spring afternoon makes me feel happy.

in fact, i'd take any of these:

by couldawouldapica on polyvore

it's a fun + feminine shape to wear.

and because they're so flowy, it's the perfect thing for a spring picnic or a day playing tour guide for out-of-town guests.

dig it.

_ _ _


the title of this post?

_ _ _

*well, sorta. i also wore a navy jackie cardigan with a thick brown belt over the top (very similar one here).

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