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may magic

if you follow me on twitter, you may already know this but may is my absolute favorite month.

it kind of always has been.

growing up, may's much-anticipated arrival meant a few things: school's almost out, the weather's probably gorgeous and (in my opinion) the best season of the year is on its way (i'm looking dead into your eyes, summer).

now that i'm no longer a student, the month of may still means those things to me. except for that whole alice cooper refrain

but may has always felt rather anticipatory to me. winter's long gone, spring's in full swing and with each passing day, we're closer to that glorious summer season where the sun warms our shoulders the moment we step outside. plus, may has memorial day, which, to me and probably anyone who ever worked as a lifeguard at the community pool, is the unofficial-but-also-totally-official start to summer.

honestly, it makes me happy just thinking about it. just knowing that it's may.

do you have a favorite month you look forward to all year?


  1. It was fun spending May Day with you - let's do it again soon!

  2. totally! and we even got to see jimmy fallon/kimmel and a giant dragon on 14th! haha.