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i was not born with thick hair. 

if my hair was noodles, it would be angel hair. 

cut in half vertically.

via here and here | originally via flickr user miss electric

i had this co-worker once who would come to work with this gigantic, luxuriously thick rope of a braid. 

via here and here | original art by popperfoto/getty

i was always so jealous.

i tried, but mine looked more like a braided graduation tassel.

braids are still everywhere, and i've attempted this side braid style a few times. 

it's...ok on me. 

i just always end up with these little wispy pieces and it falls apart after a few hours.
_ _ _

then, the other day, i was reading a beautiful mess + came across these step-by-step instructions for a fishtail braid.

i've wanted to try a fishtail for a while now, but haven't attempted one since about fifth grade, so i needed a refresher.

image via a beautiful mess

the result?

my version!

not bad! i have to say, this was pretty easy, and it held up well throughout the work day.

i'm gonna try this more often.

thanks, beautiful mess!

_ _ _

p.s. elsie's blog is a whole bunch of fun. check it out sometime. her wedding was featured on 100 layer cake a while ago. also totally worth it to take a look. 

so bright + happy!

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