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at the top of the mountain

finally wrapping up these charlottesville posts.* 


*i take my job as a dedicated procrastinator verrrry seriously

another view from the top

so the apple harvest festival was great. the perfect mini-getaway on a pretty fall afternoon.

the view from the top was breathtaking!

if you live anywhere near charlottesville, i recommend going. from dc, it's close enough for a day trip and it really feels like you've escaped.

_ _ _

you can only pick what's in season, but that's plenty! while we were there, they had jonagold, winesap, granny smith (!), fuji, braeburn, rome and york.

the boy sampling

my second fave, the pink ladies, weren't ripe yet, but they are now!

_ _ _

after we had picked + sampled, we stopped by the cafe for some fall treats. 

they have many things, but i have to tell you: get the apple cider donuts. omg.

one more shot of those babies? 


_ _ _

and because i like to eat as much as i can in a 24-hour period, we stopped at chandler's bakery on the way out of town and got enough treats to last us the week night.

_ _ _

hey-oh! i'm on a non-procrastinating roll. let's talk about seasonal eats too. 

but this one's easy.

apples are most definitely in season in the mid-atlantic region. in fact, the harvest festival still has one weekend for you to grab your own + try some of these classics + updated faves.

happy harvesting.

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