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don't sneeze

image via the jealous curator via this is colossal  by regine ramseier

let's just take a minute to appreciate this installation made from dandelions (!) 

it's by german artist regine ramseier

can you imagine doing this? the time it would take? 

i'm in awe.

here's a detailed overview of her process, including how she transported them from field to gallery.

wouldn't this be cool at a wedding? instead of the beyond tired rose petals down the aisle, you could have some kick ass ceiling art.

if you have the patience for that sort of thing, that is.

inspiring for sure.

_ _ _

want more inspiration?

new-to-me colossal has all kinds of cool art to look at.

check out this picture from a recent post featuring the work of artist kristiina lahde:

via colossal by kristiina lahde

see more images from kristiina's exhibit here or here

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