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i'm late on the press of the week, so this one comes with lots of pretty pictures to make up for it.

2011 letterpress calendar by lark press

i love calendars. 

every year, i buy a different letterpress version that sits either at home or at work. or, i buy two and keep one in both places. 


i purchased the one you see here through the lark press etsy shop

i make myself wait until the month is officially over to turn the page , so it's a fun little surprise to see what's next.

it's been one of my favorite calendars i've purchased. 

here are some more gems from earlier in the year.

_ _ _ 

letterpress calendars are generally pretty affordable, they're a huge step up from your basic desk calendar, and if you're not in the market for one, they make a great gift. 

[well, i like to think so anyways since i've given them away to a bunch of people over the years.]

thinking of purchasing one?

oh so beautiful paper also has a much more comprehensive calendar overview. 

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