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a dublin chipper

i used to work in old town.

but i don't anymore. 

i'd always heard good things about eamonn's, but never had a chance to get there.

my guiness | pic by me

but since i was in old town for my class, and it was cold, rainy, and overcast, it felt like the perfect time to finally go.

eamonn's interior | pic by me

so glad we went!

it was fairly small on the inside, but the boy and i took a table from a group that was just finishing their meal when ours was ready.

good timing!

eamonn's cod | pic by me

we both got the cod. i went for the small, the boy got the regular and we split a large order of their chips.

the cashier who took our order swore the large would be enough for us. 

it totally was. 

hot fries | pic by me

we still took home some leftovers.
the fries came out piping hot and they were cut super thick. i don't think i've had fries like this before. tons of potato on the inside.

the cod was perfection. flaky, hot, crispy. really good. i got the hot chili sauce (so. amazing.) and the boy opted for standard tartar.

even though i knew i'd be stuffed, i wanted to try at least one of their other sides since i had no idea when i'd be back in va again.

cole slaw time | pic by me

the cole slaw was cool and crisp and seemed to have lots of black pepper in it. 

that's always a win in my book.

if you're ever in the area, i'd recommend it for sure. 

and you know they've got good things happening in eamonn's: the same peeps operate restaurant eve, consistently one of washington's best.

they also run these places. all of em.

_ _ _

eamonn's was just what i was looking for on saturday.


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