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green mountain state

i can think of few places more lovely in the fall than vermont.

i mean, really. look at the colors.

my sister + her now-husband have been coming to the west mountain inn for years now as a weekend getaway spot, so it seems fitting that they'd get married here. 

i'd only been to vermont one other time - and that was in july. to see the leaves like this was awesome.

the reception was held in this adorable little barn on the property.

it was a fun night. 

family i haven't seen in forever
bridal party whiskey shots
late-night dance party

congrats you two!
_ _ _

also here's a quick shot of the wedding program i did for them. i'd show more but i'm honestly not sure how they feel about first+last names on the ol' internetz.

for a rush job, i was pretty happy with how they turned out.

_ _ _