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potw: me!

on the very rainy (and very chilly!) saturday we just had, i took my first letterpress class

pic by me | letterpress by me!

at the risk of sounding like the corniest person alive, i'll just say that i couldn't have asked for a better class. there were four other women there taking the class with me and everyone was so sweet and excited to be there, it just made the day that much more fun.

suann herself was so welcoming and accommodating to everyone (we even got to sample some delicious mini whoopie pies!) and spent time answering everyone's questions. she gave a fantastic overview of how she got started, and it left me even more inspired than i already was. 

i love people who just go after what they want. 

and i love being around successful businesswomen.

we learned about the art of letterpress, dipped our toes into the glossary of letterpress words (quoin anyone?), and got to watch suann operate her beloved pearl

the whole time, the only thing that kept running through my head is 'this is so cool'

just to be there, in that creative space, with creative ladies who made their own way in the world, i was so happy. when the boy came to pick me up, i was talking a mile a minute from my spot on cloud nine.

the lecture part of the class woulda probably been enough for me, but!

we got to make our own! 

i loved the ridiculously meticulous nature of picking up the itty bitty letters one at a time. you can see my final product in the first picture. below, i used a comma instead of an apostrophe. oops.

pic by me | comma by accident

i hard a hard time narrowing down what i wanted my cards to say but figured thank you cards are always useful. suann was even sweet enough to let us pick out envelopes!

i chose these grey ones.

pic by me 

i definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants a great overview of letterpress. seriously,  i learned so much, and i don't remember the last time i was this excited about something.

i also snagged a few things from her newly opened fifteen eleven shop

mini notebook purchased at fifteen eleven by suitor | pic by me

i always think of things during the day and wish i had somewhere to jot them down. now i have a place. 

good luck postcard purchased at fifteen eleven by set editions | pic by me

the good luck postcard is just for fun. i just love kraft paper/chipboard with bright colors.

_ _ _

can't stop smiling.

thanks so much for opening your doors, suann. 

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